The Bow Tie
Bite Resistant Animal Buddy

Slow Feed Extra Durable Toy


Why does your dog need this toy? 

Toys are mainly used to avoid your dog destroying your home,  and to reduce the dog's boredom.
1. Dogs often take destructive action to relieve stress, and loneliness. To reduce the damage to the sofa, shoes, books, and other things, you can give them some toys. This toy does this and so much more. 
This treat-dispensing ball is made of Non-Toxic soft security plastic product, which is easy on developing teeth and gums. Side slots and a hollow center allow you to put their favourite snacks or other small treats. 
Easy to clean, just normal soap and water or just water. Makes your life much easier as it also cleans their teeth!
These Grooves are designed to massage the gums, removing tartar; mint flavour, also helps freshen breath.
Safe and non-toxic!
Small Dog For S Size;Big Dog For M Size